Telefónica Tech digitise Santiago de Compostela’s public lighting system

• The company, a technology partner of the joint venture formed by Ferrovial and Endesa X, is implementing its smart lighting solution with Tellink to individually remote manage the new luminaires in the Galician capital with the aim of achieving improvements in efficiency and energy savings, optimising maintenance tasks and increasing the quality of the lighting service for citizens and visitors.

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The joint venture formed by Ferrovial and Endesa X has selected Telefónica Tech as its technology partner for the digitalisation of public lighting in Santiago de Compostela (Spain). This initiative is part of the maintenance and supply project for the outdoor public lighting of the Galician municipality awarded to this joint venture.

Telefónica Tech implements, in collaboration with Tellink, its intelligent lighting solution that allows Ferrovial and Endesa X to completely remotely manage LED luminaires and achieve improvements in efficiency and energy savings. To this end, Telefónica Tech is deploying more than 10,000 nodes with NB-IoT connectivity, designed and manufactured by Tellink, on the different streetlights in the municipality to monitor their operation, report possible failures in real time and send all the information collected to an advanced software platform for analysis and management.

Santiago de Compostela’s new smart LED lighting system is prepared to adapt to the real needs of each municipality. Thanks to this technological solution from Telefónica Tech, the consortium will be able, for example, to remotely manage the switching on and off of each streetlight individually, modify the levels of light intensity during the night or adapt the lighting levels of each area for the celebration of special events.

Providing the luminaires with intelligence not only contributes to improving energy efficiency, but also optimises maintenance tasks and the management of the installations, monitoring consumption and acting against possible unjustified deviations. In fact, the system is prepared to detect possible lighting failures before they occur and affect citizens.

Alfredo Serret, global director of IoT at Telefónica Tech, said: “Our solution for remote management of luminaires provides intelligence to public lighting to provide significant efficiencies, in addition to those of LED technology, and contribute to the sustainability of cities. In short, it means evolving the traditional concept of the city towards the Smart City, where the elements are connected, sharing information to offer a better service to citizens”.

Dionisio Martínez, CEO of Tellink, said: “Tellink is proud to provide our knowledge and expertise in the design and manufacture of the remote management nodes that will allow us to offer the inhabitants and visitors of Santiago de Compostela the right amount of outdoor lighting where and when they need it. We are strong advocates of the responsible and sustainable use of outdoor lighting promoted by initiatives such as Slowlight, which also participates in the project. For this reason, our intelligent lighting control systems enable us to increase the quality of street lighting for users, while helping municipalities to reduce costs and meet their sustainability goals”.

Telefónica Tech’s smart lighting solution has been awarded Telefónica’s Eco Smart seal, verified by AENOR, for the environmental benefits it generates for customers. Currently, around 60% of Telefónica Tech’s services have this distinction.


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