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Welcome to Telefónica Policy Lab, a leading hub for the analysis of the most pressing issues on the digital agenda. We collaborate with experts from diverse fields to craft public policy proposals.

Our Policy Talks sessions bring together representatives from the public sector, private sector, academia, and civil society to share their insights and to help shape the foundations of our societies and economies.

Furthermore, we provide you with exclusive, valuable content presented in an accessible manner, drawing from various materials such as reports, essays, videos, interviews, and more.

Previous initiatives

This essay considers how policy and regulation are adapting to platforms’ role in governing markets; arguments for new institutions and regulatory frameworks; and efforts to ‘reconcile code and law’.

The new socio-economic realities posed by digitalization require an updating of the frameworks in which social States are developing.

Along with active investment in industrial policy and in promoting the digitization of the productive fabric, the social State must reformulate its approach to put people back at the centre.

Eduardo Navarro, global director of Comms, Brand, Public Affairs and Sustainability at Telefónica analyzes the digital gap in Latin America.

Rising US-China tensions are an additional incentive for Europe to develop its own digital capabilities. It risks becoming a battleground in their struggle for tech and industrial supremacy.

The aim of the research project Data, Privacy and the Individual is to contribute to a better understanding of the ethics of privacy and of differential privacy.

The outcomes of the project are seven research papers on privacy, a survey, and this final report, which summarises each research paper, and goes on to offer a set of reflections and recommendation to implement best practices regarding privacy.

Elena Gil (CEO of LUCA, Telefónica Data Unit) participates in the event “How to humanize technology”, at Casa de América.

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