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We build the future with the latest innovation and technology

We have diverse teams of experts in different areas of innovation. At Telefónica we are in constant transformation, we anticipate the future by imagining solutions to new challenges, and finding business opportunities.

Collaboration and teamwork are one of the fundamental pillars of our work. We approach challenges with creativity, talent and an open mind that leads us to constantly search for opportunities. Not settling and always aspiring for more are elements of our team culture that define us and help us achieve excellence.


  • We start small, we aim big.
    Innovation involves risks and does not always guarantee instant results. That is why we embark on projects and proofs of concept without losing long-term ambition and vision.
  • We iterate fast and learn.
    Our experience and structure helps us minimize risks in advance. We extract learnings from each project to apply them in future experiments.
  • Focused on people.
    Understanding and prioritizing people’s needs pushes us to create a positive impact on society and achieve sustainable success in the world of technology.

At the vanguard of change


At Telefónica we are pioneers in the evolution of technology. Our passion lies in discovering new possibilities and redefining existing ones in areas such as networks, Artificial Intelligence, quantum computing or cybersecurity, to name a few.

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We innovate responsibly with the aim of positively impacting the lives of people and society. We research to build technological solutions that promote a society integrated into the digital environment in a sustainable way.

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We create human experiences that meet everyday needs in areas such as entertainment, health and work. The objective of our research is to facilitate people’s transition towards a more harmonious digital life that is in tune with their non-digital life.

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Global collaboration in science and technology

We have a team of multidisciplinary scientists, Telefónica Research, with more than 30 years of experience, positioning Telefónica as a leader in scientific research and providing immense value to the company.

We are connected to the cutting edge of science and technology worldwide and we participate in various Research and Innovation projects with public aid.

Alliance and partnerships

High-tech laboratory equipment

We reward you for participating in our projects and helping us create the future together.

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Telefónica Venture Builder

With Telefónica Venture Builder we capitalise on our technological talent, the patents developed internally and other assets that we also have at Telefónica to create technological startups that respond to global market needs that are not being covered successfully.

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